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Monday, December 18, 2006

Good people at a good marina

Was down to marina to check on my boat. She is shrink wraped down to the waterline, like all boats should be. Inside to check things, outside to check the jack stands and all is well, back to the office I go.
On the way back to the truck one of the workers stops me and says " We were putting a boat next to yours and we hit your boat with the travel lift". I said "Thanks, does the owner of the marina know", "yes".

So I get to the office and as I open the door the owner says I left you a message this morning " We scratched the side of your boat with the travel lift, My fiberglass guy is going to be here after lunch to inspect the damage and give me an estimate for the repairs".

Back down to the boat we go. There is not alot of room betwen boats, so the shink wrap damage is hard to see if your not looking for it.

The scratch is just above the waterline, about 3 ft long the width of a quarter and does not penetrate the gelcoat.
I would have noticed it in the spring and not known how it happend.

Kudos to the marina and the workers who know the truth now, is better than a lie later.


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