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Monday, January 02, 2006

It' A Brand New Boat

Sure it's new... But it's still the worst built boat I have ever seen.
While moving about the cockpit it was obvious that the cockpit sole had more flexing than expected. A visual inspection from the head compartment looking aft and the deck hatch behind the leaning post revealed the absence of any support structures affixed to the underside of the cockpit sole.
The deck surface has numerous stress cracks on the port side of the console and forward of the head compartment door.

The deck has so much flexing that a moderate amount of pressure placed on The T-Top results in a violent shaking of the T-Top and console.

What happend to all the cockpit sole supports ?

Advertised as
100 % wood free constuction.
Except for the wood aft of the fuel tank !!

This vessel is from one of the most respected names in the center console market.
She also has a price tag that reflects her lineage.

See the T-Top in action

Hey..... Your lawyer is on the phone again.