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Monday, January 02, 2006

There Oughta Be A Law

This 36' Sea Ray aft cabin motor yacht was hauled and blocked for the winter.
The yard neglected to use the recommended 3 point minimum under the keel.

This boat weighs more than 18,000 # wet and has a foam filled keel and needs at least 4 blocks (5 would be better) under her.
The keel was severely crushed and will need extensive repairs.

As you will see in the photos the blocking board is also crushed.
The amount of force needed to crush the wood 2 x 6 to half of it's original width is enormous.

The reply from the marina manager when questioned.

" All our boats are blocked this way,
this is the ABYC recomended procedure" .

My eye it is.
This is poor workmanship and lazy ass if I have ever seen it.

How is your boat blocked ?

Update 12/15/2006

The vessel is now at a good marina (recomended by me) for their blocking methods and overall fine workmanship.

No open ended repair orders here. The repair estimates are firm.

She has six (6) double blocks under her keel

With a reduction in storage fees of 30% and proper blocking. she is very happy.

So is the owner

Hey Ham Fist, the lawery is on the phone AGAIN !!


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