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Monday, January 02, 2006

What is that horrible smell

The owner of this 1997 Chris Craft has a bilge full
of waste every spring!! ....
What a treat.

The boat yard, the largest in the north east, replaced
the macerator on this vessel 3 years ago.

They also repositioned the new macerator and the Y valve and added some new hose.

Question: How many times do you need to replace the
sanitation system Y valve.

Answer: Every spring for the last 3 years, because it
was full of waste water and froze.

Can you tell why it freezes every winter ?


  1. The repositioned Y-valve is BELOW the bottom of the
    the holding tank, It is always full of waste.

  2. The loop of hose from the Y-valve to the macerator
    was added to keep sea water from reverse siphoning into the holding tank. it also serves to keep unwanted waste water in the hose and Y Valve.

  3. The macerator is positioned well below the water line, A very bad idea.

  4. The pumps positive wire connection to the vessels wiring harness uses a spade type connector


  1. The correct procedure would be to mount the Y-valve
    to the hull side or on a bracket at the apex of the looped hose. Above
    the water line.

  2. Reposition the macerator above the water line and if possible above the the holding tank. This unit is self priming to 5 feet. The current placement keeps the pump filled with seawater reducing its service life.

  3. All below the water line hose connections need to double clamped. They are not.

  4. All hoses used below the water line need to
    Certified and Approved
    for below the water line use. They are not.

  5. All wire splice connections must use an insulated crimp type butt connector.

  6. Replace ALL sanitation hoses with a high quality odor proof type.

The alterations to this vessel Do Not conform to USCG regulation or ABYC recommended procedures.

The risk of sinking has increased for this vessel.


An alternate plumbing scheme is available to eliminate the use of a Y-Valve yet keep the functionality of the overboard and deck fitting pump-out options.


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